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    Revolutionary racking and shelving designs to prevent earthquake disaster

    In current industrial setting, it is necessary for warehouses to be able to store a significant amount of inventory. Storing this inventory in a safe manner has become a major concern. Pallet racking and shelving systems are designed to use floor space efficiently by enabling warehouse inventory to be stored in horizontal rows with many levels. Shelving and racking are important to retail centres and storage warehouses, and the designing of warehouse shelving system should consider various factors such as stock rotation, storage density and storage design. Irrespective of the shelving and racking required for a particular application, they must be well anchored for stability and security.

    warehouse shelving
    Fig.1 - Warehouse Disaster.

    It is the worst when an earthquake hit a warehouse with insecure racking. You can easily imagine the kind of damage it can do. The most primary method of ensuring safety in your warehouse is to ensure the racks are well anchored to the floor. You should make sure that the racks are on the same level before erecting any anchors. You should also ensure that each column of the rack frame is anchored to a stable and adequate concrete floor.

    An option for fastening shelves is by using a concrete edge anchor. They are available in varying lengths and diameters and designed precisely for use in solid cement. The diameter required depends on the hole size of the plate used upright, right and bottom. You can also use concrete strike anchors which are also designed for use in solid concrete and is identified as an impact-expansion type anchor.

    The invention of the pallet bar restrain-system has also been of great assistance to the warehouse workers and investment by offering protection against earthquakes. The pallet bars assist in restraining the warehouse storage shelving from sliding forward and dwindling during seismic activity. You can adjust the safety cables so that pallet bars can be lowered just beneath the rack beam for access to the pallet. You will also require a stainless steel to prevent paint damage. This kind of system assumes that the shelving system is structurally sound, and the shelving system uprights are well anchored to the concrete floor. It also assumes that you have strapped the items on the pallets.

    For further protection against earthquakes, you can install pallet rack frames with seismic beams with 6’ to 12’ frame connections and footplates. In ensuring safe storage, you can use used wire mesh decks and metal pallet support bars. They are both easy to install, and they offer an extra level of security at a cut-rate price. You can also install column protectors and end-of-row gourds to protect the pallet rack upright from too much damage.

    There are those large warehouses that have tall metal storage racks and shelves that are often loaded with objects weighing thousands of pounds. With pallet that are over 24 feet high, the shelves are vulnerable to swaying and toppling during an earthquake. On this kind of shelves and racks, anchoring them to a thick concrete slab is not sufficient enough. The typical racking shelves have also not proven to be risk-free; hence varying designs have been invented to battle with earthquakes. A significant invention is the Tube rack which is simplistic in design. It has flexible moment frames that drift laterally during an earthquake. It reduces the potential of the frame falling and destroys the stored goods hence being a safety measure to persons around the area.

    Racks and shelves can be used to store heavy goods but it is the varying designs that will prove of the structure can hold on during an earthquake. It is now evident that a strong base can support any maximum height you require. That is why it is necessary to design the shelves and racks in a manner that you can have enough room to store all the bulky items on the lower bays. This racking system perfectly works if you have mixed loads hence you should put the lighter ones at the top.

    If your rack was purchased as used equipment, rebuilt or adjusted or utilised in a mixture of brands, it is impossible to be sure if it can hold the load. This can be a critical issue as the overall capacity is determined by the vertical beam spacing and particularly the height of the first beam level. You should not allow inexperienced installers who do not comprehend the factors that can make a rack safe or unsafe to erect your racks.

    For most of the countries with the Seismic Restraint of Building Content Standard, they are provided with a variety of options that will be used to restrain goods that are 1.8- 2 meters above the ground. It mostly applies to large warehouses and supermarkets that are located in seismic prone areas where they have to fit sliding gates in the rack and shelving system.

    If a place is frequently occupied, you should restrain the palletized goods to stop them from creeping and falling from the racking system. That is why you should install the racking system with shrink-wrapped pallets. Ensure that the height of the shrink-wrapped pallets does not exceed twice their base. You should extend the shrink wrapping around the base of the pallet to provide the pallet and the goods form one unit. It is necessary to verify that the pallets are in a good condition before installing the shrink wrapping.

    Racking and shelving also depend on the type of material used to make it. The build of the shelves used and the weight of the material placed on it could prove if the rack or shelving is safe or disastrous. That is why it is essential for large warehouses that deal with heavy loads to ensure their shelves are made of steel. Retail stores or supermarkets could also require steel shelves, but durable wood would still be sufficient as long as the shelves are firmly erected. Any other material can still be used to make the shelves or racks, but they should be firmly secured to the floor or a wall.

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    How my friends supported me with my mental health

    professional psychologist

    My mental health journey probably isn’t as unique as I would like to think it is. I imagine there are a million people out there with a story similar to mine. I never expected mental health to ever be an issue and I have to meet a clinical psychologist. I thought I would live a “normal” life and that everything would always be fine. Unfortunately, life had other plans.

    My anxiety and depression felt like it snuck up on me overnight. Life seemed fine and then all of the sudden it wasn’t. I thought I had some sort of serious illness. I stressed that maybe I had cancer or something else life threatening. I knew I needed to find a right psychologist but I was terrified of contacting one. I was afraid of the thought that if something wrong with my mental health. I called in sick to work and figured that maybe whatever it was would pass in a few days. Two weeks later and I was still calling in. I couldn’t eat. I felt dizzy walking around my house. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and it was terrifying.

    I did finally make it to the therapist because of work pressure. If I didn’t go and get some sort of note I would be fired. I did my best to struggle to the psychologist’s office and explained all of my symptoms which related to anxiety disorder.

    I couldn’t believe that anxiety had produced the type of symptoms I had been suffering from. To me anxiety was a racing heart and sweaty palms. This was not the anxiety I had known in the past. The psychologist would only write me a note for missing work a couple more days but the thought of returning was daunting. I was petrified of returning and to make things worse my boss had decided the day I returned was the day of my yearly review. To get myself back to work I had to turn to the comfort, reassurance, and understanding of my friends.

    My friends helped me in numerous ways. The most important was showing me their support. They showed me daily how they understood my concerns and went out of their way to show me sympathy even when I know they didn’t quite get what I was going through. Whenever I needed them they would lend me a helping hand or an ear. They assured me that no matter what was bothering me that I could go to them and could speak openly without judgement. That was one of the hardest parts about returning to work, knowing people would wonder where I had been and what they would think if they knew. My friends helped me to realize no one would judge me and that everyone goes through rough patches.

    My friends didn’t try to push me or persuade me, they just listened and nodded their heads as I tried my best to explain my frustration and worries. When I needed them they would take me out to lunch or let me come spend time with them. They felt almost like my safety blanket when everywhere else seemed scary and concerning. The best part was that they didn’t try to give me advice or to act like they know exactly how I feel. Certainly they related when they’ve had trouble but mostly they were just there for me.

    Occasionally they would go out of their way to check in on me on their own. They would double check that I was still getting treatment and would ask how it was going. Sometimes they would ask if there was anything else they could do. It was incredibly helpful to know that my friends were there for me no matter what. There was never any judgement and they treated me the same as they always had. We could still talk like before and they didn’t handle me with kid gloves. I didn’t need someone to baby me, I just needed a regular friend to talk to and they gave me that.

    If I didn’t feel like talking about my mental health they were ok with that to and we could go out, or stay in, and have a normal time just like we did before the anxiety hit me. It was nice when they would comment that they could tell how much better I was doing. I knew they were looking out for me when they would mention how much brighter my eyes seemed and how much less tense I had been lately. The more confident I became the more I returned to my regular self and my friends were integral to that. Returning to work was tough but the more days that passed the more comfortable I became again and continuing to go to work became like second nature just like it had been before I came down ill.

    Mental illness can be such a terrifying debilitation. Many out there know nothing about mental illness and assume that it means a person is crazy. Knowing my friends didn’t have these same notions was extremely important and helpful. I normally wouldn’t tell anyone at work about what I was suffering but I had to tell my boss. Even knowing she had to keep my secret I was still afraid of what she would think. It can be hard to struggle with these worries alone and to have my friends to bounce my thoughts off of helped me to come to terms with the fact that even if she did think something bad it wasn’t the end of the world. I wouldn’t lose my job and I had always been a great worker. My mental illness was just another stepping stone to work on and my friends let me know they always had my back.

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    Party Disaster

    It was a surprise party for my friend who is turning 50. I have no idea that the party planner that we hired was backing out. I mean, it was perfectly okay to back out but not a week before the actual event!

    How do NASA organize a party

    8 days before party

    I was having my usual cup of coffee on my porch; it was a beautiful Saturday morning. I was thinking of what to wear for the party when my phone rang. It was the party planner and she said that she had to cancel her contract because two of her sons had the chicken pox! I was about to scream when she told me that she had a perfectly good reason and then she gave due notice.

    Due notice? A week before the party? Was this woman kidding? What are we going to do now?

    Before my hand reached for her neck on the other line, my sister yanked me off the hook. She said not to bother and that we can do this on our own. I was starting to panic when she told me to remember how we handled her son’s birthday party through ordering party supplies on-line. I could not believe that this was happening? A week before and I had to rely on on-line service!

    7 days before party

    My sister and I created a plan. It consisted of all the things that we needed for the party. From the invitations to the souvenirs and from the plates to the nameplates, we came up with an almost complete plan. We were going to have the party here at home at our backyard. The only thing left was to order the cake and she said that it was also going to be done on-line.

    We were on our last hopes. We started clicking this and that and we eventually found an on-line party preparations site that had the designs that we wanted. The company was found locally and that was not too bad! Deliveries will only take about two days and that was fine by me and my sister.

    6 days before the party

    It was time to order the cake. We had a lot of fun doing this and I must agree that this was the best part of being a party planner since I had the chance to think of a wonderful décor for the cake! I had to come up with a dazzling idea to make the cake stand out and so I picked out a garden motif. My friend loved gardening and she was known to have the most amazing rose garden in the block. I specifically asked the cake decorator to put as many sugar candy roses on the cake and in every colour that she could think of. She said that this was indeed possible and she was going to get back to me with the finished design.

    To think that this was done on-line! I had the finished design in the evening and it was perfect! And then, as if on cue to spoil my day, the party planner called up. She was apologizing and said that she was ready to take the job again. I was fuming mad but I thought of all our efforts ordering on-line and the lovely cake that will make our friend happy… I hung up.

    5 days before the party

    The decorations arrived! I was very pleased and I kept on thanking my sister for saving the day! We opened up the large UPS box and it was full to the brim of all the things that we ordered. Everything was there; we used a list that we had made before to make sure that every little plate was there. The delivery was fast and every item was all accounted for

    4 days before the party

    I asked a contractor to clean and spruce up my backyard for the party. The hedges were trimmed, the patio umbrellas were set and all the party seats and tables I had in the garage were washed and dried under the sun. It was a great day to do a bit of yoga too and it made me relaxed and ready for the stress of the next few days before the party.

    3 days before the party

    I had to talk to the baker about the birthday cake and asked if there were no problems. The decorator sensed that it was my first time ordering on-line and she said that I had nothing to worry about. She assured me that she was going to deliver the cake herself in the morning of the party.

    I had the lights set and the sound system ready. I admit that it was early but I was simply making sure that everything went well.

    2 days before the party

    I had to check on the souvenirs that came with the decoration box to make sure that I had enough. I ordered a small porcelain mug that says “50 and Fabulous” and yeah, I forgot to mention that this was our theme. We were all fabulous and ready for the party!

    1 day before the party

    Nothing much happened today and I just simply stretched out my patio chaise lounge chair and admired all the things we have done so far. My sister did the same. We retired early so we can have an early day start.


    The cake arrived early and it was lovely. The party was lunch time and therefore the cake had to be placed in the fridge first. All the décor was set up and all the plates and nameplates were also set.

    The party went well and I must admit that it was all because of the on-line party décor site that we ordered from. It made everything a breeze and all we had to do was enjoy! I hope this inspiring story of mine helped you decide to use on-line party décor ordering but make sure that you order weeks or even months before to avoid the hassle.